* 1. Which of the following categories best describes you or your organization? The "citizen" category is provided for individuals who do not represent an agency/organization. (Check all that apply).

* 2. Are you aware of KIPDA's regional transportation planning function?

* 3. When do you typically become involved in transportation-related issues?

* 4. The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is updated every four years, and looks at transportation issues over the next 20 years. At what point in the planning process would you prefer to be involved?

* 5. How would you rate KIPDA's effectiveness in informing the public of opportunities for participation in developing transportation projects and plans?

* 6. How do you hear about KIPDA-related transportation planning activities? (Check all that apply).

* 7. Please indicate how effective you believe each of the following public involvement methods are in providing information on transportation plans and the planning process.

  1 Most effective 2 Somewhat effective 3 Uncertain 4 Not very effective 5 Not at all
Direct Mailing
Newspaper articles
Newspaper ads
Information kiosks/booths at festivals
Announcement received through another group
Speaker presentations
TARC placards
Yard signs

* 8. Please indicate how effective you believe each of the following methods are in gathering public input/sharing information.

  1 Very effective 2 Somewhat effective 3 Uncertain 4 Not very effective 5 Not at all
Comment Cards
Open Houses
Focus Groups
Public Meetings
Citizen Committees
Telephone Surveys
Festival Booths.

* 9. Have you viewed any of these in the last month? (Check all that apply).

* 10. Do you receive the KIPDA newsletter?

* 11. KIPDA occasionally hosts public meetings or open houses to share information on transportation-related topics or to ask for input from the public on specific transportation projects/plans. What would encourage you to attend a meeting or event to discuss transportation issues in your area?

  1 Extremely likely 2 Likely 3 Uncertain 4 Unlikely 5 Extremely unlikely
Interesting meeting topic
Meeting topic affects me directly
Meeting provisions (childcare, transit, parking, refreshments, etc.)
Incentive (transit pass, paid parking, etc.)

* 12. How far would you travel to attend a meeting?

* 13. How would you come to a meeting?

* 14. What day of the week is best for you to attend a meeting? (Check all that apply).

* 15. Have you watched any of the KIPDA Transportation Division meetings online?

* 16. If you have a transportation-related issue (potholes, congestion issues, safety concerns), who do you call most often to address it?

* 17. What is your age range?

* 18. What is your zipcode?

* 19. If you would be interested in receiving the KIPDA newsletter, project notices, or meeting notices, please provide your name, city, state, zip code, phone number and email address. Please note the items in which you are interested.