Dear brand, retailer, MSI, standard holder or manufacturer,

SLCP aims to continue to boost adoption of the Converged Assessment Framework in 2021. To increase visibility of SLCP's reach and make it clear to stakeholders which organizations and companies have adopted SLCP, we published a list of brands, retailers and standard holders that accept SLCP verified data last year. Find this list here. We are now planning to make a similar list of manufacturers that have implemented SLCP in their facilities. Lists will be updated continuously as new registrations come in.

This registration survey will ask you to fill in your organization/company details and in which countries/regions and which facility tiers you accept SLCP verified data from or have implemented/are implementing SLCP in. You will also be asked to share your company logo with us - this is not mandatory, but highly recommended to increase your visibility.

Why should you sign up for this list?
Brands & retailers: Increase your visibility to suppliers to let them know you are ready to accept SLCP assessment reports.
MSIs & standard holders: Increase your visibility to brands and manufacturers to let them know you are ready to assist in interpreting SLCP data.
Manufacturers: Increase your visibility to brands and retailers to let them know you have implemented/are implementing SLCP assessments in your facilities.


  • Being featured on this list is voluntary
  • You can ask to be removed from this list at any stage
  • Make sure to update us on any changes (addition of countries/regions, new logo, name change, etc) by sending an email to so your information on the SLCP website remains up to date
  • Manufacturers: Please sign up with overall manufacturer name rather than individual facility names
If you have any questions, please contact us at 

Thank you for filling in this form!