The Boulder City Historic Preservation Committee (BCHPC) has prepared this community survey to gain input on how residents and businesses want to treat historic properties and to increase awareness of the benefits of historic preservation.

We value your input! Thank You for taking the time to share your thoughts on this important issue!

* 1. Residents of Boulder City value the distinct historic character, heritage, and identity their community provides that sets it apart from other communities in the region.

* 2. Preserving Boulder City's historic places provides a strong sense of place to our community and adds to our quality of life.

* 3. Historic preservation is a worthwhile goal that decides what historic resources are important, figures out how to protect them, and passes along an appreciation for what should be saved for the next generation.

* 4. The Boulder City Historic District (i.e. Old Town Area) attracts and retains residents.

* 5. The Boulder City Historic District (i.e. Old Town Area) attracts and retains businesses.

* 6. With appropriate planning, codes, laws, and ordinances, historic preservation and economic growth are compatible goals.

* 7. Restoring historic buildings and protecting historic neighborhoods is environmentally responsible.

* 8. Historic museums and heritage tourism are important to Boulder City's economy.

* 9. When I have visitors, I take them to visit historic places in my community.

* 10. Historic places are important in educating children about our past.

* 11. Historic preservation efforts should be encouraged through the use of financial, building, and related incentives for the restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures and facilities.

* 12. Preserving the past is relevant to modern life.

* 13. Historic preservation codes, laws, and ordinances can benefit preservation of historic buildings and ensure compatible neighborhood development.

* 14. City government has an important role in preserving the City's distinct historic character, heritage, and identity.

* 15. City government is doing a good job in balancing historic preservation goals with other development related goals.

* 16. One of the most urgent issues facing historic places in Boulder City is neglect or abandonment of historic buildings.

* 17. One of the most urgent threats to historic places in Boulder City is demolition of historically significant buildings, including vacant buildings that could be reused.

* 18. The City’s existing historic preservation code does not provide adequate protection for preserving designated historic properties.

* 19. There is a lack of knowledge of existing local historic preservation codes.

* 20. City government should inform and/or educate the public about preservation projects, programs, and training through websites, social media, newsletters, tours, training, and awards.

* 21. Please tell us about yourself (check all that apply):

* 22. Add any additional comments here.

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