Question Title

* 1. Do you approve of the following proposed Product Committee Charter?

The PeeringDB Product Committee (PC) is charged with steering the future product development and running the market outreach efforts to continuously improve the value that PeeringDB delivers to the networks registered with PeeringDB, and the broader community.

Out of Scope
  • The PC does not drive PeeringDB improvements related to the administrative interfaces & functions used by the PeeringDB Admin Committee.
  • The PC does not consider PeeringDB improvements related to the server, storage, hosting or network infrastructure.

  • Gather inputs from stakeholders regarding the evolution of PeeringDB in terms of product features and overall long term objectives.
  • Formulate the long term objectives and validate them with the PeeringDB Board and the members of the PeeringDB Governance mailing list.
  • Process documentation detailing the treatment of product enhancement requests submitted to the PC.
  • Maintain the product roadmap and feature request backlog and makes them publically accessible. 
  • Create and maintain PeeringDB product documentation and presentation materials.
  • Develop market outreach and evangelisation to increase the uptake of PeeringDB use and improve data quality.
  • Propose new features or enhancements based on the long term objectives and validates significant product evolutions with key stakeholders.

The PC shall work with other PeeringDB committees to ensure an equitable division of development resources in recognition of the volunteer efforts that are ensuring the daily operations.

The PeeringDB Product Committee members serve a 1 year renewable term.