How to make the most of the suggestion box

Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas and suggestions.

This is ONLY for your ideas and suggestions about how we deliver our services to you.

For your safety and confidentiality, please do not use it for any personal medical questions or communications.

If in the unfortunate circumstance, you wish to raise a formal complaint, please see our webpages where you will find our NHS complaints process.

We welcome constructive feedback.

This means that if you think that there is something we are doing well, then please tell us! We will try to keep it going or do more or arrange other services in a similar way.

If we are doing something that you think can be improved, then explain to us what you think could work better. Most importantly, please tell us how we might consider changing things and why this would improve things for you.

Tell us your story so we can understand your perspective.

If we have some details, it really helps us to work out what we can do to improve things for you.

Thank you - we look forward to hearing from you!

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* 2. If we could make one other change to improve the surgery or our services - what should it be? (and Why)

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