1. We are told that the soon to be released draft Basin Plan will recommend that less than 3000 gigalitres of additional environmental water be returned to the Murray-Darling river system over the next seven years. How would you rate the likelihood that this will address the longterm ecological degradation of the river system?

2. Do you agree that the Murray-Darling Basin Authority should be obliged to give equal weighting to the environment, communities and economy of the Murray-Darling Basin when drafting the Basin Plan?

3. Do you believe that the Murray-Darling Basin Authority is being allowed to develop the Basin Plan free from political pressure?

4. Do you believe it is appropriate that irrigating farmers may use irrigation water for whichever agricultural activity they wish to undertake in the Murray-Darling Basin?

5. If no, please indicate which irrigating activity/activities you believe are inappropriate in the Murray-Darling Basin, and the reason(s) you feel this is so:

6. Do you believe that governments should play a role in determining the use to which irrigation water is put in the Murray-Darling Basin?

7. If yes, please indicate how this might best be achieved:

8. Do you believe that it is appropriate that Australian water entitlements can be purchased by any individual or business entity (Australian or overseas-based)?

9. Do you believe that the Australian Constitution should be amended to specifically protect water as a common good?