Personal Finance Training

Money is a powerful force in our lives. Jesus says that what we do with our money has the
ability to take our heart with it (Luke 12:34). God cares about what we do with 100 percent of
our money, not just the fraction that we give to the church. How do we steward all our money
and make sure that the ways we use money aligns with our values?

To answer this question, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd Stewardship Committee is
considering offering a personal finance training course and/or single sessions on family money
issues and consumer protection topics. Workshops would be provided by Lutheran Social
Services of MN Financial Counseling staff and would be free to members.

Feel the confidence and pride of knowing personal finance tools and resources.
This core financial education class for adults is 8 hours total (four, 2-hour classes), using
learning circles and games to make the learning fun. Develop skills in every aspect of financial
literacy -- budgeting to create savings, debt reduction, building a good credit rating, and
consumer protection. Everyone can learn this, and most of us wish we had gotten it earlier!  

Please complete the following survey to help us gauge interest and needs of our members in
personal finance training.  This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.  Thank you and God Bless!

Question Title

* 1. As mentioned above, how interested would you be in The Four Cornerstones Of Financial Course (Four, two-hour classes).

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* 2. What subjects listed below would interest you the most?

  No Interest At All Little Interest Neutral Interested Very Interested
Better Budgeting - Become a master at managing your monthly budget
The New Rules of Money - Navigate the new economy like a pro, by knowing what's changed
Personal Finance 101 for Children - Tap into kids' natural curiosity about the adult money world
Financial Milestones for Teens - Develop a detailed road map for the "financial firsts" ahead
For 20-somethings: Here's How to Avoid the Mistakes of 30-somethings.  This is how to start in your 20's with a map that shows potholes to avoid hitting on your journey
Happier Holidays: Getting off the Consumer Escalator - Unplug the commercial Christmas and give your family new traditions with less materialism and rush
Get a Degree, Not a Debt: How to Keep College Affordable
Road Map for a Happy Retirement - plan ahead for a vibrant retirement
The New Thrifty: From Extreme Couponing to Voluntary Simplicity - help your family achieve financial peace of mind, good habits for life, and sustainable, happier communities
Money Lessons from the Movies - to master financial literacy, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words
Money Happiness And Your Brain - learn four core principles of money happiness
Top Five Urban Legends About Personal Finance - take pride in knowing the truth about these personal  finance myths
Money Teamwork For Couples - communication about money can prevent conflict and uncover teamwork
For Parents: Path to Turn Kids Into Financially Wise Young People - Get ready to teach your kids the money truths that you wish someone had taught you as a kid
Tough Love for The Boomerang Child - you love them, but they have to become self-reliant
Help Your Aging Parents Navigate the New Economy - have the "talk" with your older parents while you all still can - here's how
Defend Yourself Against Identity Theft - know how it happens and how to prevent it
Senior Fraud Prevention - Stopping Scams and Staying Safe
Five Consumer Protection Laws You'll Love To Use - knowledge equals power when it comes to knowing and using your rights
Reverse Mortgages - How They Work and When They Work Best - learn the pros and cons from an unbiased source

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* 4. Please Provide Any Thoughts Or Ideas You May Have Regarding Offering Personal Finance Training To Members