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A routine mission to a seafaring vessel becomes a living nightmare for heroic flying courier Skylark. Injured during a pirate attack, she loses her power of flight. As she recuperates among the pirate crew, Skylark questions her relationships with her friends, her family, and her people. Has she found her new home and identity as a pirate?
Skylark has never been at ease among her people. Their rules and restrictions leave the daredevil courier feeling trapped. When a devastating injury leaves her stranded on a pirate vessel, Skylark has a chance to find her feet with a new family. Led by the mysterious Fell Captain and her crew of misfits, the pirate life offers Skylark freedom from rules and restrictions. Now that's she's found the acceptance she's always craved, will Skylark leave her heroic life behind to become a seafaring criminal?
Skylark has the gift of unlimited flight - so long as she never touches the ground! All it takes is just one moment, just one mistake for Skylark's entire world to crumble. Injured and alone aboard the notorious Fell Captain's pirate vessel, the heroic Skylark can either surrender and be sold as a zoo exhibit - or thrive as she builds a new life among a band of criminal misfits...
Also in this issue: See what happens when Kun-ghur and Skylark go on a date together!
Designed for care and compassion in an ancient time, the robot nurse NTT ("Entity") wakes into a world torn apart by the evil warlord Purplex. Damaged, defeated, and directionless, all Entity wants to do is find people to care for. Instead, all Entity can find is a jungle full of mistrusting animals and a hovel of angry humans. Maybe it's time to shut down for good? Or maybe it's time to unite the jungle creatures, defend the family, and defeat Purplex's latest war machine...
Deep in the oceans, a raging volcanic fissure just released three burning demonic figures who are now walking along the seabeds toward Etorea City. What doom do they bring? Prince Uis, the commander of ocean's armies, races against time to decipher mysterious flaming symbols etched onto the walls of his underwater cities. Desperate to prevent panic among his people, Uis rallies Kun-ghur and Babastyx to his side. Will they be enough to stop the march of the terrifying Imbil?