1. Who does your company sell to?

2. What is your company size (number of employees)?

3. Describe how your marketing budget has changed in 2010 compared to 2009 for the following activities:

  Increase Decrease Stayed the same N/A
Print and broadcast advertising
Direct mail
Online display advertising
Cost-per-click (CPC)/Search Engine Marketing
Non-paid promotion via social media (e.g. Facebook,LinkedIn,YouTube)
Paid advertising via social media

4. How do you forecast allocating your investment in marketing staff (i.e., people dollars) vs. marketing programs (i.e., program dollars) for 2011, compared to your actual marketing budget for 2010?

5. How do you rate social media marketing for the success of your business?

6. Have you used any of the following Johnson School social media sites in the past 12 months?

  Yes No
Johnson School Facebook page
Johnson School YouTube channel
Johnson School Twitter feed
Johnson School LinkedIn group
Thank you for your participation in the survey! We will post the results in an upcoming issue of our enewsletter, Inside Johnson, and via the Johnson Facebook page and Twitter feed.