Jemez Mountain Public Schools (JMPS) is in the process of conducting a 5 year Facility Master Plan (FMP). The FMP will guide the District in prioritizing needs for all school buildings. Community input is very important to this process. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey.

* 1. Please tell us your primary connection to the Jemez Mountain Public Schools (JMPS) at this time. (Check all that apply)

* 2. With which JMPS facilities are you primarily affiliated? (Check all that apply)

* 3. What is your overall satisfaction with the condition of JMPS school facilities?

* 4. Please rank each JMPS school's overall condition as you see it -

  Poor Satisfactory Good Excellent
Coronado Middle / High School
Gallina ES
Lybrook ES / MS
Lindrith Charter School

* 5. JMPS has identified several large scale projects needed to provide safe and comfortable schools and meet the needs of students and staff. Please rank the following in order of 1 being the Highest Priority and 10 being the Lowest Priority at this time.

* 6. Are JMPS school buildings meeting the needs of the students?

* 7. Student population at Jemez Mountain Public Schools has declined from 387 students in 2004 to 251 students in 2016 and there is no evidence that student population will increase in the near future. It is the responsibility of JMPS to provide safe and comfortable buildings for its students and staff. Right now the District is providing utilities and maintenance to all District buildings.

In your opinion, could the District reduce the number of its buildings or its square footage without impacting the education of its students?

* 8. If yes, which options should the District consider to reduce the amount of buildings and / or square footage? (Check all that apply)

* 9. In 2015 the JMPS community showed its support of District schools by electing to pass a 2 mill levy bond which provides approximately $615,000 / year for 6 years which the District can use for minimum preventative maintenance and upkeep of existing facilities. To accomplish major upgrades to aging and outdated systems such as heating, cooling, doors and windows of school buildings the District relies on the community electing to support General Obligation Bonds. JMPS has not passed a General Obligation Bond in support of its District buildings since 2001.

Would you consider supporting a GOB election to provide funding necessary to accomplish major projects to the JMPS existing buildings?

* 10. In the box below, please tell the District any other concerns about District buildings that were not addressed in the survey?