As London’s central reference point for art in the public realm, Open-City's Art in the Open web resource www.artintheopen.org.uk offers commissioning guidance and information to all those making and commissioning work in the capital. This quick survey will help to inform how we develop the resource to offer further support. Your input and opinions are invaluable – many thanks for your time.

* 1. Which of the following London based opportunities relating to art in the public realm would you be interested in hearing about (please tick all that apply):

* 2. If you ticked any of the above, would you prefer to hear about them via:

* 3. Would you pay for this service?

* 4. We know our community has invaluable knowledge of projects happening on the ground. Do you have a public realm project coming up in the lead up to 2012 that you think we should know about to inform our London-wide overview? If so, please give a short description here:

* 5. How many times have you visited the Art in the Open web resource (www.artintheopen.org.uk) in the last year?

* 6. Which of the following would you like to see on the Art in the Open web resource (please tick all that apply):

* 7. If you would like to be included in the prize draw for a copy of either 'London’s Contemporary Architecture (5th edition, 2009)' or 'Creative Time: The Book' please include your contact details below: