Dear Cutie.BPoC Community,

We as this year’s organizing team, find it crucial to acknowledge the sentiment, critique and anger towards the fact that the festival this year, in the years past, and by extension in our communities have an Anti-blackness problem.

We co-created this festival and experience together and we appreciate you holding our communities as a whole accountable. This behavior has to stop. Anti-blackness is NOT ok. Ever. It is not welcomed nor should it be tolerated in this space or any other space outside of this festival. As a community we have to figure out ways to break this toxic and deeply damaging behavior. We are deeply grateful for the members and organizers of this community who speak up, take action and educate although we regret it being necessary.

Let’s keep talking and organizing around this issue as a priority throughout the year and in our local communities. We encourage next year's organizers to have this discussion and organize against anti-blackness before, during and after the upcoming festival.

We acknowledge and want to take responsibility for not making an intended effort against anti-blackness from the start and throughout the organizing-process. We hope this anonymous survey can serve as one way we can hear your concerns and suggestions. In order for us to reflect, learn and pass on the feedback, please be as specific as possible with examples when answering the questions.

With much gratitude,
The Cutie.BPoC Orga Team 2017

* 1. Overall, how would you rate the Cutie.BPoC festival 2017?

* 2. What did you like about the Cutie.BPoC fest this year?

* 3. What did you dislike about the festival this year? And how can next year's festival team and community do it differently?

* 4. How organized was the festival?

* 5. How useful were the workshops?

* 6. The concept of the festival is DIY/DIT meaning Do It Yourself / Do It Together. How much did you feel part of the collective and individual responsibility for the festival?

* 7. What can the festival do better in order to foster this DIY/DIT concept?

* 8. Prior to the festival, how much of the information that you needed did you get?

* 9. Was the event length too long, too short, or about right?

* 10. Is there anything else you’d like to share about the festival? And ways to make it better for next year?