Engagement Survey

The Sharing Cities Network will be an independent grassroots network for sharing organizers, innovators and organizations like yours to create as many sharing cities around the world as fast as possible. We are excited to invite you to participate in shaping the Sharing Cities Network's future. We would love your feedback of how the network can be most useful to you and your work to create a more sharing world. If you have additional suggestions or would like to get more involved in the network, email mira@shareable.net.

* 1. Name and organizational affiliations

* 2. Contact info: city, state, country, and email address

* 3. What motivated you to become a part of the sharing movement and the Sharing Cities Network?

* 4. What resources, trainings and materials have been useful in your organizing?

* 5. What resources, trainings and materials would be helpful to your work that you don't already have access to?

* 6. Which goals should the Sharing Cities Network focus on:

* 7. What local campaigns, projects, events and tactics have been the most successful for your group?

* 8. What local campaigns, projects, events and tactics would you like try or do more of?

* 9. What areas has your work focused on?

* 10. Which areas would you like to focus on more?