* 1. Introduction and overview of Shift Happens

* 2. People are good most of the time.
This session was aims to help people expect and look for the “good;” to be proactive, rather than to react with consequences and punishments.

* 3. Relationships are the MOST important!

Building on the idea of looking for and expecting the best of people, the focus becomes the critical importance of positive relationships.

Key Points:
1) How to assess relationships?
2) Caring tools.
3) Relationship improvement plan.
4) The caring chain.
5) Caring competencies.

* 4. The Most powerful tool you will ever need, yet few possess
Learn how to use praise and reinforcement to build relationships, improve learning and growth and to encourage positive behavior change.

Key Points:
1) People are stingy.
2) The magic ratio.
3) Reinforcement “boot camp.”
4) Deliberate praise and reinforcement training.

* 5. Boredom is enemy # 1
Engagement with person centered choices increase growth and learning while serving to prevent many behavioral difficulties and enabling people to grow beyond their behavioral histories.

Key Points:
1) Interest inventory.
2) Person centered planning and motivation.
3) Person centered planning and Shift Happens interface including George’s three phases of person centeredness.

* 6. Carol's Story

* 7. Optional: Your Name

* 8. Anything else we need to know about your experience with Shift Happens?

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