1. Welcome

Hi All,

Thank you for your interest in Champion School. We have multiple positions open:
* Preschool Teacher/Director
* Math/Science Teacher
* English Language Arts Teacher
* Office Assistant

We are a small school located at 5670 Camden Avenue, San Jose, Ca 95124.

Champion's offers an innovative new approach to schooling where teachers receive an unmatched level of support and their efforts are frequently rewarded with student achievements that rank among the top 0.1% of kids in US
If you are a motivated, organized and a caring individual of high integrity, we would appreciate learning more about you here.

Thanks and Best Regards,


* 1. Please share your contact information.

* 2. Which position(s) are you applying for?

* 3. What is your availability?

* 4. When is the earliest / best time to meet with you (Ex: June 9th at 9AM) ?

* 5. Please share information about your Work Experience. Company Name, Your role, duration you worked there. If a teaching role, please also share what age-groups (or grades) you worked with.

* 6. Please share information about your Education. College/University Name, Major/Subject, GPA, Degree Attained or number of ECE credits completed

* 7. Please share why you are the right candidate for this position (experiences, personality traits, ambition/plans for the future...). Please be as specific as possible

* 8. What's the highest level content you feel confident teaching in each of the following (subject, grade level, anything that will help us appreciate your background...) ?

* 9. What is your pay expectation

* 10. Are there any constraints in terms of availability or ability that we should know about