NAGA Georgia Survey

This survey is to help NAGA continue to grow and improve by hearing what our customers feel are our strengths and weaknesses.


* 1. If we may contact you concerning this survey please fill out the information below. This information is not required.

* 2. How did you find out about the tournament?

* 3. How did you register for the tournament?

* 4. How far did you travel for this event? If you traveled via air please choose 'Flied In'

* 5. How organized was the event?

* 6. Describe your overall experience at the tournament

* 7. How easy was the registration process for this event?

* 8. How professional was our registration staff?

* 9. Which Ring(s) did you compete in?

* 10. How professional was the referee staff?

* 11. How knowledgeable was the referee staff?

* 12. How likely are you to compete in another NAGA event?

* 13. If you are not likely to attend another NAGA what is the main reason?

* 14. What area(s) (if any) do you feel NAGA could improve upon?

* 15. What area(s) do you feel NAGA was strong in?

* 16. How would you describe the selection of merchandise at the NAGA Merchandise Booth?

* 17. If you have any feedback (positive or negative) that was not addressed in this survey please provide it below.