Chevy Youth Baseball “Kid Reporter” - Nomination Form

Thank you for completing a nomination form for the 2018 Chevy Youth Baseball Kid Reporter. Chevrolet is casting members of the Chevy Youth Baseball program to act as their Chevy Youth Baseball “Kid Reporters” for the 2018 MLB season! The selected players will have the opportunity to try out their own interview skills, in front of an international audience, during multiple MLB events this season. This fantastic opportunity is for girls and boys participating in the Chevy Youth Baseball program aged 8-14.

This is a volunteer program that is intended to provide a fun, educational, and positive experience for kids. To make this event a success, we do require that the selected candidate and one parent/guardian be available to attend all scheduled Kid Reporter activities. Please be mindful that this opportunity is available to only a select few and ensure your schedule allows full participation during the event before you apply.

More event details to be confirmed once players are selected.

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* 11. How many years has the child played baseball/softball? Please provide additional background on the child’s participation in the sport (position/positions played, etc.)

* 12. Please include a statement from the parent or legal guardian attesting that the candidate has the right personality / skill set to be on camera in front of an international audience interviewing professional baseball players and others regarding their involvement in MLB.

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