* 1. What grade are you in?

* 2. Beer Middle School is a safe place to learn.

* 3. At Beer Middle School, I feel that there is an adult that truly cares about me each day.

* 4. Beer Middle School is a clean place to learn.

* 5. Bullying at Beer Middle School is handled quickly and effectively.

* 6. Discipline is handled fairly and consistently.

* 7. When Beer Middle School students have an issue or problem, the students have to wait too long to speak with a counselor regarding that issue.

* 8. Beer Middle School students show respect to students from other cultures and backgrounds.

* 9. The Baron Buck reward program motivates me to give my best effort daily.

* 10. The School-wide Cognitive (Academic) Word of the Week has helped me to know key words in directions or tasks. (Examples: represent, variable, simplify, model, develop, etc.)

* 11. I find lunch intervention at Beer Middle School helpful?

* 12. If Beer Middle School offered academic support after school and busing was provided, I would attend.

* 13. What makes Beer Middle School a great school?

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