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Part 1: About this survey

Road traffic injuries are a leading cause of deaths globally!

Road traffic crashes are not just statistics, they affect real lives and real people. Many of us have been affected by road traffic crashes, or know people whose lives and relationships have been torn apart by these needless tragedies.

The aim of this survey is to bring forth the voices of people to highlight the problem and call for governments to act urgently. You can complete the People’s Survey and let your voice and the voice of your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors be heard. Let us show our leaders what impact road traffic crashes are having on our lives and demand that they #CommitToAct.

The results will be released at the Third Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety and disseminated through press releases, publications, mass and social media. They will provide evidence to show government leaders what needs to be done at local, regional, and global levels to save lives.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes.  

Your voice can change the world! 

Thank you for taking time to participate in this survey.

This survey is a joint effort from the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety and Accountability International.