Deaf & Hard of Hearing Community

The Missouri Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing would like to know your feedback on our programs! This survey of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Missourians will be used to adjust and improve upon the activities we are working on in the office. Please submit your feedback by October 2, 2017 and share with your community!

* 1. How do you identify yourself?

* 2. Look at these MCDHH Program below; Rank each as your favorite to your least

* 3. Why is this your least favorite?

* 4. Have you ever contacted MCDHH regarding your concerns or advocacy issues?

* 5. Do you find the weekly E-news useful?

* 6. What improvements would you like on the E-news?

* 7. Have you attended Deaf Empowerment in the past?

* 8. What is the reason you do not want to attend Deaf Empowerment?

* 9. Would you attend Deaf Empowerment this year?

* 10. What additional programs and resources will you like to see more from MCDHH.