* 1. May Experience: Initial Survey of Expectations and Goals

Thank you for completing the following brief survey. As we develop the May Experience the following questions will help us to evaluate the impact of the program and will be useful to the instructors as they adapt course content to the needs and interests of participants. We will ask a similar set of questions at the end of the term to evaluate how your expectations evolved and how well they were met.

* 2. Have you ever taken a May Experience Course before?

* 3. What led you to participate in the May Experience this term? Why did you decide to take this specific course?

* 4. What are the main goals you would like to accomplish by participating in this course?

* 5. Comment on the time and effort you expect to invest in this course:

* 6. What do you expect will be different about the May term that you would not experience in a typical regular semester course?

* 7. What are the most significant challenges you are concerned about as you embark on this program?

* 8. Additional comments and suggestions: