1. Introduction

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20% of survey complete.
Deadline for submission is the last day of February and August. Before starting check our FAQ section for the requirements.

Eligible projects must focus on either:
  • Clinical tools and technologies for any element of the entire patient journey in musculoskeletal disorders, from diagnosis to post-operative care; or
  • Educational tools, platforms or channels for lifelong training of surgeons.
Please prepare to address the following:
  • The problem
  • Proposed solution
  • Target group
  • Value proposition
  • Milestones/Deliverables
  • Project management
  • Key risks
  • Idea disclosure
  • Patent filing
  • Financial request (CHF)
  • Duration (Months)
  • Upload documents to support the application 

< If you intend to send more than one application, after the first please contact the technology transfer team>