Lighthouse Counsel is conducting research on the attributes and roles of nonprofit board chairs - from higher education to independent schools to YMCA's to social services, healthcare and beyond.

We would value your insight through this survey which will only take 10 minutes to complete. If you have any challenges in taking this survey, please contact Chris Willis at 

We appreciate your participation and will share the results of our research with all those who contribute to this project.


Jeff Jowdy
President and Founder
Lighthouse Counsel

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* 1. First, please tell us about yourself. We may contact you with a follow-up question or clarification.

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* 2. Now, please be thinking about the best nonprofit board chairs that you have worked with. What would you say are the five most important characteristics?

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* 3. When you think of some challenging board chairs or board circumstances, what would you say are the five characteristics of an under-performing board chair?

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* 4. If you could give one piece of advice to an incoming board chair, what would it be?

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* 5. What are the five most important things an excellent board chair must know in order to perform their role and serve their organization?

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* 6. Do you have an incredible board chair that you have personally worked with? As a part of this research, we will be reaching out to interview some stellar board chairs. Can you recommend a chair or two to be considered?

Thank you for your time and insight.

We graciously ask that you pass this survey along to others who may be able to add valuable insight to our study. This is easily done by sharing the link below to your social media platforms or through direct email.  And once again, thank you for your time and participation!

-Lighthouse Counsel