Hey there!

Thanks for your interest in being a recipe tester for "Hide And Seek Vegetables"! I really appreciate you wanting to help me out.

Just to clear up a few things first:
You need to be able to follow the recipes as written and give me constructive feedback as needed. I will send you a few recipes to test - testing needs to be completed by the 18th April 2016. If you realise you won't be able to follow the recipe as written, for whatever reason, please just send me an email to kyra@viedelavegan.com :)

Also, I won't be able to reimburse you for the ingredients/your time - however, I will send you a free copy of the ebook when it's released.

Obviously, I expect that you won't reveal the recipes to anyone, or republish these recipes as your own. You are more than welcome to post photos of the food creations on your social media/blog, but please give credit.

And one last thing: I need you to have an open mind about unexpected vegetables in dishes! This testing may require you to try a recipe with a vegetable you don't really like.

I only need a few testers so I probably won't be able to get back to everyone who applies, but thank you so much for applying! Your support means a lot to me :)

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* 1. What type of blender/food processor do you have?

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* 2. Do you have any special dietary requirements? The recipes are all vegan, refined sugar free, wheat free and oil free. Most are gluten free, some contain coconut and nuts. Let me know so I don't send you a recipe you won't be able to enjoy!

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* 3. Can you test 3 recipes before 18th April 2016, and provide me with detailed feedback? (I will send testers more specific information that I'd like feedback on.)

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* 4. Please leave your details so I can contact you:

Thanks again for applying to be a recipe tester! Click "Done" below to submit <3