Few species in the animal kingdom inspire awe and wonder like the blue whale—the largest species to ever roam the planet. Its incredible size, specialized behaviors and elusiveness make it a curiosity for scientists and schoolchildren alike. Marine biologists have spent decades trying to understand its lifestyle, and conservationists have committed their lives to bringing it back from the brink of extinction.
Please complete the below application to be eligible for the following:
Selected libraries will receive:
·       A $1000 honorarium to help cover costs of your events.
·       A life size (25’ x 10’) blue whale tail floor mat (ideal for an entrance or a reading room)
·       A Blue Whale Project pop-up banner
·       A 3-module suite of activities that explore unique features of the blue whale (size, communication and feeding bahavior).*
·       A robust nature stewardship activity book that provides indoor and outdoor activities that promote understanding of local ecosystems and spark scientific discovery.*
·       Virtual field trip videos that showcase the lives of blue whale scientists.*
·       Clips from the giant screen film
·       Brand new AR (Augmented Reality) experience that lets users explore the true scale of the blue whale wherever they are
·       A Whale Beats interactive that lets users create music out of marine sounds*
·       Professional development webinars
·       Promotional toolkit (digital and printable) to advertise events