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* 5. How do you get info from Curve? Select all that apply.

* 6. Is it important to you to have a publication dedicated to lesbian issues and lifestyle?

* 7. If so, is it more important that it is

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* 12. When you describe your sexual orientation, which term do you prefer?

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* 16. Which of the following sections of the magazine do you like most, a little or least?

  Most Little Least I Don’t Know
Celebrity interviews
What a Lesbian Looks Like
Top Ten Reasons We Love...
Lipstick & Dipstick
Dyke Drama
Movie, Music and Book Reviews
Out in Front/Activists
Astro Grrl/Horoscope
Game, Web/Tech Reviews
Sex and Relationships
I Tried It
Special Features (on social issues, crime, and politics)

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  Most Little Least I Don’t Know
Feature articles
Curve Personals
The Forum/Message Boards
Videos & webseries

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* 20. What’s missing from Curvemag.com?

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* 24. In an average week, how many alcoholic beverages do you drink?

* 25. What was the total number of trips for business or pleasure taken by you or other members of your household in the last 12 months? (Give one answer for each type of travel.)

  None 1-5 6-10 11-24 25 or more
Domestic Air
International Air
Train/Bus Cruise

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