Transportation planners in Santa Clara County have spent much of the past year and a half researching projects and public opinion for a potential 2016 transportation sales tax ballot measure, a process and product called Envision Silicon Valley. Though the primary motivation for placing such a measure on the ballot is Phase II of the BART extension, additional revenue from the tax could provide a significant source of funding for bike, pedestrian, transit, and general roadway projects.

SVBC has been working closely with VTA and other involved organizations to better understand the parameters of any potential ballot measure, as well as to determine how much money might become available for active transportation projects, weigh in on the goals and metrics associated with the measure, and solicit input from our members about what kinds of projects they would like to see funded.

By sharing your thoughts on potential project types and programs this measure could fund, you will help SVBC advocate for a plan that focuses much-needed funding on bike and pedestrian projects that serve our members and the greater community well.

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* 2. How often do you ride a bike?

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* 4. Projects: The following list of projects represents many types of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure that a transportation sales tax could potentially fund. Please select the five bicycle and/or pedestrian project types you would most and least support to be included in a transportation sales tax measure.

  Most support (choose 5) Least support (choose 5)
Implementation of Class IV bike routes (cycletracks or protected bike lanes)
Urban mixed-use trails
Facilities that help pedestrians and bicyclists get across barriers, such as freeways, railroad tracks, and creeks
More north-south bike routes (all types)
More east-west bike routes (all types)
Filling in gaps in the sidewalk network
Increased and improved pedestrian crossings on major roads
Increased focus on bike/ped access to transit
Geographic equity (proportional spending across all municipalities in the county)
Socioeconomic equity (equivalent spending per capita in low, middle, and high-income communities)
Superbikeways – cross-county bike routes designed to be comfortable and consistent across city borders
Redesign of dangerous or intimidating freeway over- and undercrossings to serve bicyclists and pedestrians
Bike lanes along county expressways
Complete Streets prioritization whenever repaving or significant roadway work is done (“Complete Streets” refers to streets that are designed to provide comfortable access to bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit users as well as motorists)
Bike Boulevards – designing lower-traffic streets to prioritize bicycle traffic using a variety of traffic control and speed calming measures
Wayfinding - signage and mapping resources that help bicyclists and pedestrians get around easily by showing bike and pedestrian routes, distances, and travel times throughout the county
Public bike share expansion

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* 5. Programs:  In addition to infrastructure projects, a transportation sales tax measure could potentially support programs designed to improve safety and make walking and biking more appealing. The following list of potential programs to increase bicycling and walking was created to reflect our mission, our strategic outcomes, and input from our Local Teams and Policy Advisory Committee. Please select the three programs you most support and the three you least support

  Most support (choose 3) Least support (choose 3)
Countywide youth bicycle and/or pedestrian education
Countywide adult bicycle and/or pedestrian education
Dedicated funding for countywide encouragement programs, such as Bike and Walk to Work events, group walk and bike commutes, walking tours, or incentives for walking and biking
Dedicated funding for marketing and outreach designed to promote bicycling and walking
Countywide Vision Zero – an effort to coordinate policies across agencies and jurisdiction with the goal of reducing all roadway deaths and major injuries to zero
Countywide bicycle diversion program – Traffic school for bicyclists that results in a reduction of the cost associated with a traffic violation
Subsidized Bike Share memberships – Provide access to short-term rental bikes to low income residents
Mobile bike repair clinics to provide inexpensive or free bike repair

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* 6. If and when a transportation sales tax measure goes on the ballot, it will need a two-thirds vote to pass. SVBC looks forward to supporting a measure that provides strong support for biking and walking projects. If you would like to be notified of future developments regarding Envision Silicon Valley, please provide your name and email address.