Purpose of STARS Pilot Program

Cindy's Story:
Cindy, a high school senior, is eagerly looking forward to graduation. During the last weeks of high school, her grades put her in the top 10% of her class. The only thing marring the celebration was that her father, an Army Reservist, was deployed overseas, causing Cindy to worry about him. Fortunately, graduation activities kept her mind off her concerns. That was until her mother received a call from her high school saying that she would not be able to graduate due to missing too many days of school her senior year. Her mother hurried to the school for an emergency meeting with school officials. Cindy's mother explained that since her husband's deployment, Cindy had difficulty sleeping and she had allowed her daughter to sleep in. As a result, Cindy would arrive to school after attendance was taken and she was counted as absent for the entire day. After frantic negotiations iwth the school, Cindy's attendance record was adjusted and she was allowed to graduate. Cindy's school had no idea she came from a military family. Her father was a successful local building contractor.
Upon Reflection:
Cindy's mother wished she had communicated with the school about the change in the family situation. The school wished they knew more about the Reserves and who in their school community are Reservist families and might be affected by deployment.
The proposed School Kit is proposed to be THE notification and resource tool that proactively starts those conversations. It will be instrumental in helping parents and educators work together to ensure that the education process stays on track during (or following) a deployment.