Luzerne County 9-1-1 constantly strives toward excellence in dispatching and customer service. Your input and opinions are extremely important in meeting our goals. Please answer the following:

1. What was the date, approximate time, and address (include city, borough, or township) of your 911 call?
Please include AM or PM

2. Promptness in answering your call:

3. Competency and proficiency in processing your call and sending help to your location:

4. Courtesy and Professionalism from Luzerne County 911 employee:

5. Overall Satisfaction with Luzerne County 911 services"

6. Additional Comments or Concerns about your experience with Luzerne County 9-1-1

The Staff of Luzerne County 9-1-1 thank you for taking the time to participate in the survey and for helping us better serve you.