Share your feedback on advocacy priorities for the museums, gallery and heritage sector

We are looking for feedback from BC Museums Association members and stakeholders about priority areas for advocacy. Please share your thoughts on the areas most important to you. We are interested in hearing from both individuals and organizations. If you are not responding on behalf of an organization, please feel skip any questions that apply to organizations.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts!

* 1. Members have told us that they want BC Museums Association to advocate on behalf of museums, galleries and heritage organizations, and to reach out to influencers, such as elected officials and policymakers. What are the areas you think BCMA should focus on?

  Very important Somewhat important Not important Not sure
Increasing awareness about value and impact of the museums, gallery, heritage and culture sector among decision-makers like elected officials
Building relationships with municipal, provincial and federal elected officials and policymakers
Lobbying governments to increase funding to museums, galleries and heritage institutions
Working with governments on policy and legislative changes to help strengthen the museums, gallery, heritage and cultural sector
Working with governments and stakeholders to increase training and professional development opportunities for the sector
Building coalitions with other organizations (e.g. BCMA members, arts, culture and heritage stakeholders) to advocate on shared issues.
Generate awareness and support for our sector among members of the general public
Providing training and resources to help the museums community engage in advocacy activities on a local level

* 2. What are the top issues and challenges facing museums, galleries and heritage organizations?

  Very important Somewhat important Not important Not sure
Funding for core operations and programming
Funding for capital projects and/or facility improvements
Lack of human resources (staff, volunteers, etc)
Lack of training / professional development opportunities
Collections management
Reaching new audiences, growing attendance and membership
Lack of value / awareness about the benefits museums, galleries and heritage institutions bring to communities

* 3. Do you or does your organization engage in any advocacy activities (e.g. lobbying for increased funding or funding for specific projects, lobbying for policy changes, raising awareness about the value of arts and culture)?

* 4. Do you or does your organization have existing relationships with municipal, provincial or federal elected officials?

* 5. Does your organization currently receive government funding?

* 6. How would you describe the benefits and positive impacts of museums, galleries and heritage organizations make in our communities? Why is it important for taxpayers and governments to invest in the sector?

* 9. What is your annual attendance (total number of visitors each year)?

* 10. Do you offer education or outreach programs for audiences such as children and youth, people with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, culturally diverse communities, low-income populations or other groups? If so, please provide details in the comment box below.