St. Ignace Public Library Tweens & Teens Services Survey

Take our Tweens & Teens Library Services Survey to be entered into a raffle for an amazing Movie Night prize basket. The information you share during this quick survey will help library staff members provide the best services and programs possible.
1.Tell us what you like to read. Check all that apply.
2.How often do you visit the public library?
3.When you've used the library in the past, what has typically been your purpose? Check all that apply.
4.What kind of library activities would you like us to offer? Check all that apply
5.How often do you use the library's online resources?
6.What are your favorite research websites?
7.We are hoping to add a non-voting teen member to our Board of Trustees. If you are interested in this position, please leave your email address below.
8.What is your age?
9.Leave us your first name and phone number to be entered into the Movie Night prize basket drawing.