Thank you for your help!

At ICS the after-school programs play an important role in meeting our families' childcare needs, and enriching our kids' days.
If you were at ICS last year, you will know that the school and the FO have worked hard to broaden and improve the after-school offering. With the first semester coming to a close we would love to have your feedback. 

The expectation is that programming for the Winter 2019 semester will be broadly similar to the Fall offering, with some tweaks potentially. 
Your input via this survey will help us improve the schedule, and help shape the program for the '19/'20 schoolyear and beyond.
This survey breaks down into 3 sections. Please fill out the sections that are applicable for your family. 

Please note:
for the purpose of this survey, "after school programmes at / offered by / available through ICS" refers to all the programs listed on the ICS after-school webpage. These include on-site, off-site (pickups) and programs offered through SLA at 9 Hanover Place.

Section 1:
We want to know about your family, how you use (or don't use) the after school programs, what you like, dislike etc. . Please fill this out even if you don't currently attend any of the after school programs.
Section 2
Your immediate after-school (scheduling) requirements for winter 2019 will help us tweak the schedule to best meet the needs of our families.
Section 3:
Your specific feedback for the programs already running is valuable for us, and for the facilitators / providers.