* 1. The proposed priority setting functions of the SNB are restricted to be no more than those of the current Safer Neighbourhood Panels, focussing on just a sub-set of crimes and doing so within the context of the Mayor’s targets. Community concerns around proportionate use of police powers are not included.

CPCG says the Safer Neighbourhood Board should be tasked to address any and every aspect of policing about which Lambeth residents may have concerns

* 2. The only two community organisations in the borough whose role is to monitor proportionate use of police powers (the Independent Custody Visitors and the Stop and Search Monitoring Group) are excluded from the proposed membership of the SNB. They are nonetheless required to attend and report to the SNB.

CPCG says both the Independent Custody Visitors and the Stop and Search Monitoring Group must be members the SNB.

* 3. The proposed community membership of the SNB is restricted to ‘approved’ organisations with a heavy bias towards those concerned with the effectiveness of policing rather than its fairness. It builds primarily on the Safer Neighbourhood Panels.

CPCG says the membership from approved organisations should be balanced with access for ordinary Lambeth residents. Anyone who lives works or studies in Lambeth should be able to register with the SNB and that ‘registered membership’ should elect representatives to the SNB.

* 4. In addition to a restrictive approach to membership, the consultation also proposes restrictive and exclusive methods of operation and functions. Examples range from the limited rights of public access to the SNB’s proceedings, restriction of information dissemination to ‘stakeholders’ and even the possibility of intermediate structures of engagement meeting in secret (the so-called Area Panels).

CPCG says all proceedings of the SNB should be open and accessible to anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough. They should have the right to contribute to proceedings and proper arrangements should be made to facilitate this. The SNB should maintain a mailing list onto which anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough can enrol themselves and all papers and notices should be disseminated to that list.