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Hello WHC families

We are in the process of deciding where to take our travel teams in 2018. A few things to note:

The aim has always been to travel with our Senior teams this season.

However, with Devotion being a Senior 2.0 team this season, we have run into a few issues:
- 2.0 is not a division that exists in the USA
- 2.0 is not a division that is offered outside the East Coast of Canada. However, if by chance there are other Senior 2.0 teams interested in the specific Canadian competition, then they may consider having that division.

This leaves Devotion with three options: 1) Not travel this year; 2) Travel, but only perform their 2.0 routine; or 3) Change their routine to L1 for the purposes of traveling.

*We are currently assuming Devotion will travel with the rest of the seniors in 2018.

Notes on Potential Travel:

Trip length-
We plan to go on a shorter duration trip this year, 4 nights approximately. As always, families are welcome to stay longer if wanted.

We have ruled out Florida for 2018. This is due to several reasons, one being the trip length, but also due to our Seniors already competing there in either 2014, 2016, or 2017 (“been there and done that”).

We want to travel in early- to mid-April. Any earlier, and you risk weather impediments; any later would interfere with Provincials.

The TWO main contending competitions we’re considering right now are:
Thrill Jam (New England, USA), April 29, 2017:
Cheer Evolution Nationals, Niagara Falls, Canada - April 6-8 (including being able to watch the Canadian Cheer Face-Off):
Advantages of traveling to ThrillJam:
USA trip
Can drive there (if you fly, you will still have to drive to get to the location). WHC could rent a bus, similar to how we did for the Juniors in 2015
Competition held on a super fun theme park (Six Flags)
USA shopping
Different/exciting teams than we’re used to in NS
Disadvantages of Thrill Jam:
t’s outside in April, so may not be terribly warm. Rain date is April 30, but if it rains both days, there are no refunds.
US Dollar
It is not located in a major US city, but a smaller area an hour or so outside of Boston.

Advantages of Niagara Falls:
Canadian Dollar
See lots of Canadian teams
Face Off (Friday night competition of teams that are going to Worlds, such as Cheer Sport Sharks, PCT, Flyers All-Stars)
Lots of things to do in Niagara
Can fly or drive
Do not have to drive once in Niagara (hotels are walking distance to food, entertainment, and competition venue)
Disadvantages of Niagara falls:
Many athletes have been to the Toronto area before, and are going there with their Grade 9 trip this year
Still fairly cold in April
No theme parks (although Niagara has lots of entertainment)
There may be some local NS teams there
Expensive to eat out

Note: Thrill Jam is a 1-day competition; and Niagara Nationals is 2-days. You can decide for yourself if that is an advantage or disadvantage.

Hotel Pricing-
To compare hotel costs to Florida 2017, the cost of a two-bedroom suite at our hotel was just shy of $300 Canadian. If two families stayed in a room, it was $150 per night per family. At either Nationals or ThrillJam, the cost of the hotel will be approximately $150 Canadian per night, but they will not be suites. Our preference is go fewer days, and to find a hotel that has free breakfast, fridges, and microwaves, if at all possible.