* 1. THANK YOU for racing in the 2013 Ithaca Grand Prix of Cyclocross, p/b ZEVLIN! By participating in this survey you'll help me improve the event for 2014. I do appreciate your time and commitment to help make the Ithaca GP even better!

As for local economic impact, can you estimate how much (if any) money you spend in the City of Ithaca during your time with the IthacaGP?

* 2. In years past I have always run one single awards ceremony. Based on feedback from last year I decided to hold two ceremonies this year. What are your thoughts on the modified, dual awards ceremony?

* 3. This year the Ithaca GP is the kick-off event for the Tailwind Series of races. Did this influence your decision to attend?

* 4. As for the amount of time between races (10:00, 11:00, 12:30, 2:00), was it:

* 5. Please comment on the following statement: Based on my experience at the 2013 IthacaGP, I'm excited to race at Ithaca again in 2014.

* 6. How far did you travel to get to the Ithaca GP (one-way distance)?

* 7. This year the race course was shortened from 2012 (a much needed change!). Elite lap times were in the low 6:00 minute range. Obviously the park lends itself to a technical, hilly, off-camber design, but there can always be too much of a good thing. Can you comment as to the level of difficulty of this year's course and list any other suggestions to make it better next year? Specific sections to include or leave out?

* 8. What else can be done to make the Ithaca GP the best race in the state? What should I keep doing? What should I stop doing?

* 9. The Ithaca GP is sanctioned through USA Cycling. This is:

* 10. What are your thoughts on making the Ithaca GP a double-header on Saturday and Sunday?