Clergy Leadership Self-Survey

1.How would you rate your ability to effectively communicate with your congregation?
2.Do you feel confident in your ability to provide counseling and support to members of your congregation?
3.In what areas do you feel you could improve your leadership skills within the church?
4.How well do you think you manage conflicts and disagreements within the church community?
5.Are you satisfied with the level of engagement and participation of your congregation in church activities?
6.How would you rate your ability to inspire and motivate your congregation?
7.Does the church have a clear and agreed sense (ie they participated in the process) of what, specifically, they would like to achieve in the next 3 to 5 years?
8.How comfortable are you in delegating responsibilities to other staff and volunteers?
9.How close to burnout or exhaustion are you at present?
10.If you would like a copy of your results please enter your email address.