The Global Judicial Integrity Network is a platform to assist judiciaries around the world to strengthen integrity measures and prevent corruption within the judicial system. During the launch event of the Global Judicial Integrity Network in April 2018 and in our previous online survey disseminated in 2017, judiciaries and Judges from around the world expressed their concerns regarding the use of social media by Judges.

As a follow-up initiative, UNODC is gathering information about the challenges posed by social media for judicial integrity and the existing good practices and effective standards already in place regarding the Judges' use of social media.

Your participation in creating a comprehensive study for the Judges' use of social media is most encouraged, and this survey is an opportunity to get involved and help us to tailor the substantive focus of the Network’s activities to your needs.

As such, we would like to invite you to share with us information about your habits and opinions about the use of social media, whether you or your jurisdiction follows any guidelines in this respect, and if you are aware of any unethical conduct linked to the use of social media in your jurisdiction. 

All the information gathered will help us to shape a background paper for the use of social media by members of the judiciary. The survey is anonymous, and we thank you in advance for taking 15 minutes of your time to participate!
Additionally, UNODC is compiling jurisprudence, case law and legal documents related to the use of social media by members of the judiciary. If you would like to contribute any relevant document(s) from your jurisdiction, you will be able to do so in the specific fields of the survey questionnaire.

Thank you for your support to the Global Judicial Integrity Network!

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