Join Us Fall 2017 to Celebrate our 20-Year High School Reunion!!

Please provide as much information as possible so we can make the event a great time catered to you - our classmates!

Once we get further in the planning process, additional surveys/polls will go out to help us select dates and make other decisions.  Thank you so much for your participation!

* 1. Please provide your current contact information

* 2. Imagine the Reunion is now over.  Describe what would have made the event awesome and one that you were glad you attended.

* 3. Which classmates do you keep in touch with and can help us get contact information for?

* 4. Do you have any contacts that would be willing to sponsor (cash) or donate (goods or services) to our event to help make the Reunion fabulous while keeping costs down for classmates?

* 5. As of right now, how interested are you in attending the 20 Year Reunion?

* 6. What other information or feedback do you want to share with us?