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* 1. PCSD is surveying parents to gather information about our schools. This information will be used to plan and implement activities to improve our schools. Please complete a separate survey for each child who attends one of our schools. Thank you for participating in this survey.

My child currently attends school at ......

* 2. My child's school provides a high quality educational program.

* 3. My child is challenged by the work done at school.

* 4. The students at my child's school are well behaved.

* 5. Discipline issues at my child's school are handled appropriately.

* 6. The teachers at my child's school care about my child and his/her academic progress.

* 7. The buildings and grounds around my child's school are clean and safe.

* 8. My child's school is a safe place to learn.

* 9. When I contact my child's school, I receive prompt, courteous attention.

* 10. I understand my child's progress both in the classroom and in meeting the state standards based on the current state assessment system and/or the high school Subject Area Testing Program.

* 11. I understand there have been changes in the curriculum based on the College and Career Ready Standards.

* 12. My child's teachers contact me appropriately.

* 13. I have visited my child's school during the current school year.

* 14. My child completes homework most nights.

* 15. My child has access to technology (computer and internet) at home.

* 16. My child receives the instruction necessary to successfully meet the state and national standards - scoring proficient or above on the state assessments.

* 17. I understand that the assessments are changing to better assess the College and Career Ready Standards.

* 18. I have been provided with information about how I can help my child with his/her schoolwork.

* 19. Please list specific activities you would like to see implemented for parents - activities that would better help you be an active participant in your child's education.

* 20. Please use this space to provide any additional comments.