1. Market Survey for all the style-conscious Plus Size Filipino women

Thank you for your interest. Like you, I am in desperate need of a one-stop-shop for all my plus size fashion needs (and emergencies).

Please feel free to share this link with those whom you think may be interested to take part in this survey.

Your response is greatly appreciated!

* 1. I am proud to wear:

If unknown, please cut and paste the following link in a new browser: http://site.missplusclothing.com/ystore/images/size-chart-page.jpg

* 2. I belong to this age group:

* 3. I usually find my ensembles by (tick as many as you can):

* 4. Most of the clothes I have in my closet are:

* 5. I would like to have more of these in my closet (choose as many as you like):

* 6. I would love to have more of these colors in my clothes (choose as many as you like):

* 7. I am prepared to spend this much per piece of clothing (for tops or bottoms):

* 8. If I could, I would shop for clothes on-line:

* 9. Is there a clothing store that has catered to your every need?

* 10. I would love to receive e-mail updates regarding plus size clothing fashion trends in the Philippines