Please rate how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements by selecting the appropriate choice.

* 1. Most students in this school follow the school rules.

* 2. The rules at our school are fair for everyone.

* 3. Our campus is kept neat and clean.

* 4. I feel safe when I am at school.

* 5. My teacher is interested in me and how well I do.

* 6. All students are expected to learn.

* 7. There are times when the teacher is stopped from teaching during class.

* 8. My teacher has time to work with me when I need extra help.

* 9. Student work is graded or checked regularly.

* 10. When we are given seat work we are motivated and helped by the teacher.

* 11. My teachers talk to or send notes home often about my success or area(s) of need.

* 12. My teacher often discusses my grades and learning with me.

* 13. The campus website, newsletter, and paper have helped my parents and I stay informed about school.

* 14. The computer classes in my school have helped prepare me for the use of computers.

* 15. The academic program provided by CISD will prepare me for the future of my choice.

* 16. The current student code of conduct provides a safe and effective campus for my education.

* 17. Please give your views on any changes that might help with improving CISD.