NARPM® is looking for two Professional Members to serve for a two-year commitment. Please see if you

The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for looking into the future and identifying the direction for NARPM®. The recommendations for changes to the Strategic Plan come from this committee and are presented to the National Board of Directors for consideration and implementation. Service on this committee is a very rewarding experience; please consider this exciting opportunity.

The NARPM® bylaws require: Strategic Planning Committee: Is responsible for reviewing and keeping the Strategic Plan for the Association up to date by looking at future trends in the association and industry.

The NARPM® Policies and Procedures direct:

Committee make-up for Strategic Planning Committee will consist of: NARPM® Board of Directors (10); Committee Chairs (6); or their appointee who must be approved by the Strategic Planning Chair and NARPM® President; NARPM® Executive Director (1), a non-voting member; 4 Professional Members;
and 1 Affiliate Member, a non-voting member.

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* 1. Qualifications to serve: must be a NARPM member in good standing and hold Professional Membership. Do you qualify?

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* 2. Membership Information:

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* 3. Briefly describe why you would like to serve on this committee and why your involvement will benefit NARPM®:

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* 4. Where do you foresee the future of the Property Management industry to be in the next 3 to 5 years?

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* 5. What issues are on the horizon that you feel will impact NARPM® members?

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* 6. What changes do you feel should NARPM® make to address these issues?

The NARPM® President, along with the Strategic Planning Committee Chairperson, approve the at- large committee appointment(s).

Deadline date July 24