1. Global Warming Survey

This study is being conducted by Dr. David Allard at Texas A&M University-Texarkana and Dr. Catherine Howard of Texarkana College. You may contact them at David.Allard@tamut.edu or choward@texarkanacollege.edu. The purpose is to determine the public's attitudes toward global warming. This will involve answering the questions below. The data will then be tabulated and conclusions formed. Publication of the results may follow. The results may be helpful in the formation of public policy. Your responses will be kept completely anonymous and there are no foreseeable risks involved in answering these questions.

* 1. This is a research study concerned with attitudes toward global warming being conducted by Texas A&M University-Texarkana Faculty.

As a participant in this study, you will be asked to respond to several questions on the topic of global warming. You will be asked to answer questions on a personal level about your perception of the problem and choices you might make.

I understand that my participation in this study is completely voluntary and I may choose to withdraw at any point of the process. I have been informed of any possible harm which may occur to me as a participant. I have been informed that information gathered from me as a result of my participation will be held in strictest confidence. Publication of the results of the study will include group statistical data only and will make no reference to my individual scores or behavior, or identify me in any way.

If you wish to proceed as a participant, please click yes below indicating that you have read and understand this consent form and any questions regarding your participation have been answered to your satisfaction.

* 2. Global warming is defined as the rise in temperature of the Earth's atmosphere. Do you agree or disagree that global warming is occurring?

* 3. Which comes closer to your own view?

* 4. How good would you say the evidence is that the earth is warming?

* 5. What is the cause of global warming?

* 6. I believe catastrophic effects of global warming

* 7. Global warming: How serious a problem?

* 8. How much do you personally worry about global warming?

* 9. Are you a hunter or a fisherman?

* 10. If you are a hunter or fisherman, are you concerned that the wildlife or fish population in your area will significantly fall or disappear in the next ten years?

* 11. Have you observed the following conditions where you live? (Select all that apply)

* 12. If you have observed any of the previous conditions, do you believe that the condition(s) are related to global warming?

* 13. Is it possible to reduce the effects of global warming?

* 14. What do you personally do to offset global warming?

* 15. Has the film "An Inconvenient Truth" affected your opinion of global warming?

* 16. Global warming threatens the economy and jobs across the nation.

* 17. Is the United States doing enough to lessen the effect of global warming?

* 18. The United States should be a world leader in addressing global warming.

* 19. President Bush said in his state of the union address that "America is addicted to oil." Do you agree or disagree with his statement?

* 20. If you agree that Americans are addicted to oil, do you think that the administration and congress doing enough to cure America's addiction to oil?

* 21. Rank each of the following issues in the order in which you perceive is their level importance. #4 is the most important while #1 is least.

  1 2 3 4
The war in Iraq
Iran's possible nuclear weapons
Global warming
The US housing crisis

* 22. Right now, which one of following should be a more important priority for this country?

* 23. If the Presidential election were held today, how important would a candidate's position on global warming be in your decision about whom to vote for?

* 24. What is your sex?

* 25. What is your age as of January 1, 2008?

* 26. What is your race?

* 27. What is your marital status?

* 28. Are you now attending or enrolled in school?

* 29. If yes, what is your current classification?

* 30. What is your major or field of study?

* 31. What was your household income in 2007 before taxes.

* 32. What is your religious preference?

* 33. If protestant then what denomination?

* 34. What presidential candidate looks good to you right now?

* 35. What is your political party affiliation?

* 36. Will a presidential candidate's position on global warming affect your vote?