Pre-Event Questionnaire

100% of survey complete.

Please answer the following questions about your upcoming event. It should only take a few minutes. This will allow me to create a customized presentation for your attendees. It will also help to minimize questions and/or confusion leading up to and on the day of the event.

If you prefer to answer the questions on paper or via email, please let me know and I will send you a PDF questionnaire to fill out and send back.

THANK YOU for helping me create a relevant and engaging program for your attendees!!

Call or email with questions. 612-618-1808

* 1. Date of Presentation

* 2. Name of Group/Company

* 3. Meeting/Event Location and Address

* 4. Event Time (Begin and End)

* 5. Kristen's Presentation Time (Begin and End) *Kristen will arrive at least 30-45 minutes prior to her start time unless otherwise discussed.

* 6. Title of Presentation

* 7. Desired Length of Kristen's Presentation

* 8. Contact Person

* 9. Email Address

* 10. Mobile Phone Number (on day of event)

* 11. How did you hear about Kristen? If someone specific referred her, please share his/her name.

* 12. If applicable, may Kristen attend other sessions at your event and/or listen to other presenters to weave their message and your overall theme into her program?

* 13. Depending on the program, there may be handouts for you to print. When are handouts due to ensure they are printed and distributed prior to Kristen's session? 

* 14. Is there a social media hashtag, website or mobile app for your event? If so, please include links below.

* 15. What is the dress code for the event? 

* 16. Please confirm that there will be a lavaliere and handheld microphone available. (Lavaliere for Kristen and handheld for audience interaction.) For small groups and rooms under 20 a microphone is optional.

* 17. Please list the specific room, conference hall or entrance logistics Kristen needs to be aware of when she arrives.

* 18. Estimated # of Attendees Expected, %Male vs Female and Age Range

* 19. Is there a vendor expo or fair held on-site concurrent to the event where Kristen can display her materials?

* 20. Would you like to pre-purchase Kristen's companion books to her program for the attendees at a discounted rate?
- "The Happy Hour Effect" SRP $14.95, Discount Bulk Price $10.00
- "The Best Worst Thing: A Memoir" SRP $22.95, Discount Bulk Price $15.00
- "The Daily Rise" SRP $10.00, Discount Bulk Price $8.00

*Please allow 6 weeks for printing and shipping to your event.

* 21. Stage Set-Up

* 22. Stage Backdrop/Curtain Color

* 23. Will Kristen's session be videotaped? (Note: Any recorded sessions must be provided free of charge to Kristen for her use.)

* 24. If session will NOT be videotaped, can Kristen bring in a videographer?

* 25. Please describe the job roles and/or circumstances that the attendees have in common. (ex: managers, emerging leaders, cancer survivors, business owners, etc.)

* 26. What is the theme of the meeting, if any?

* 27. What are some current challenges your attendees are facing?

* 28. Are there any issues you definitely want me to address?

* 29. Are there any topics to avoid or handle with sensitivity?

* 30. How open to change is your audience?

* 31. What do you envision as key takeaways from Kristen's presentation? What would make it amazing and super valuable for your audience?

* 32. What is happening before and after Kristen's presentation?

* 33. Are there other speakers and if so, what are their topics? (If available, please provide a link to the speakers page on the event website.)

* 34. What have your attendees liked most about past speakers? Least?

* 35. Who will be introducing Kristen? (name & title)

* 36. Can one or two guests sit in on Kristen's program?

* 37. Can Kristen offer products for sale following her program for attendees who want to take their learning to the next level? (Group discounts available.)

* 38. May Kristen mention her products during her program (very low key)?

* 39. Please confirm that Kristen will have a draped table available to her at the back of the room to display items and/or sell books/products (if allowed).

* 40. Please list 1-3 people from your group that Kristen can speak to via phone prior to the presentation to help customize the message for the attendees. (Name, Title, Email & Phone)

* 41. Anything else Kristen should know about your group or the event?

Thank you for your responses. I look forward to working with you and your audience.
Kristen Brown