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We've received some incredible feedback so far from you with our first survey. Thank you if you participated! Below is a list of key features that will be in the Groove piano:

  • Separates into 3 sections for easier portability
  • 88-key graded hammer action keyboard
  • Carbon fiber casing
  • Built-in speakers
  • Built-in instrument sounds (very high quality samples)
  • 4” color touch screen
  • 3 pedal inputs
  • MIDI in/out
  • Wireless MIDI
  • USB
  • Audio line out
  • Headphone jack in the front
  • Music stand
  • Built-in LED light for music stand so you see it in the dark (great for orchestra pits and dark clubs)

We're also considering four telescoping legs that can be attached to each corner of the piano, to replace bulky stands that often block the knees when sitting.

Our target price point for the Groove piano is $1,500 USD.

We now have a ton of momentum but still need your help with a few more key decisions about the piano.

Please answer the below questions with the intent that if the piano we create meets your requirements, and falls within an acceptable price range for you, that you would be likely to purchase it. Thank you again!

- Brandon Pearce & The Groove Piano Team

P.S. - If you haven't filled out the first survey, please take a minute to fill it out by clicking here. The Groove piano is an 88-key digital piano that separates into three sections, and folds down small enough to fit into carry-on luggage.

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* 1. Enter your email address if you'd like to receive occasional updates about the Groove. You can unsubscribe any time.

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* 2. Please look at the following design options for the Groove piano carbon fiber casing, and select which one you prefer. Please focus on the shape of the case, as music stand, buttons, and other options are not all present in these images.

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* 3. Which carbon fiber color would you be most likely to purchase? (These aren't the exact colors below, but something close)

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* 4. We are considering placing a rechargeable battery inside the piano. This would allow you to play the piano continuously at maximum volume for up to 5 hours without an external power source (think outdoor weddings, camping, etc.). However, this would make the piano 4.5 pounds (2kg) heavier. Which would you prefer? An option for cordless piano use via rechargeable battery, or a lighter weight piano? (Note: Our goal is to keep the piano under 40pounds (18kg) regardless.)

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* 5. Any general feedback, thoughts, or comments?