1. Residential Geothermal Survey

The Renewable Energy Atlas of Vermont is a GIS-based website that identifies, analyzes, and visualizes existing and promising locations for renewable energy projects. The Atlas is the first tool of its kind in the United States that enables end users to click on their town (or several towns or county/counties) and select existing sites and resource potential from a thorough suite of renewable energy options: biomass, efficiency, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, and wind.

We need your help! There is currently no database that contains existing geothermal sites in Vermont. The Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund and Lyndon State College are asking your assistance to populate the Atlas website with your geothermal system. Lyndon State is also interested in monitoring geothermal system performance to better understand the potential for this technology in meeting Vermont’s heating needs, and the differences between different types of geothermal systems under actual field conditions.

For more information about the Renewable Energy Atlas of Vermont, visit: http://www.vsjf.org/resources/renewable-energy-atlas.

Feel free to call Scott Sawyer at VSJF if you have questions at (802) 828-1260.



* 1. Contact information

* 2. What is the brand & model of your geothermal equipment?

* 3. Do you happen to know the published coefficient of performance of your equipment?

* 4. Do you happen to know the operational coefficient of performance of your equipment?

* 5. When was your geothermal equipment installed?

Installation date:

* 6. Who installed your geothermal equipment?

* 7. What type of ground connection does your geothermal system have?

* 8. Do you have a heating/cooling system back-up?

* 9. What is the size of your house in square feet?

* 10. When was the house constructed?

* 11. Does your home have any other efficiency (e.g., energy audit), conservation (e.g., weatherization), or
renewable energy features (e.g., solar PV)? If yes, please specify.

* 12. Would you be interested in having your system monitored by Dr. Ben Luce at Lyndon State College?
[Questions of interest include the actual (operational) coefficients of performance (c.o.p.) as compared to
predicted/advertised values, and the differences in c.o.p. between different system types.]

* 13. How would you describe your experience with your system? For example, is your geothermal system performing as you hoped?

* 14. Would you be willing to submit digital photos (.jpeg, .png, or .gif) and energy usage data so that your system can be featured in the Renewable Energy Atlas of Vermont?

Please email any digital images to scott@vsjf.org and be sure to check out www.vtenergyatlas.com in April 2010.