Statewide Immunization Town Hall


To: All MAB Member Television and Radio GM’s                                                     

From: Karole White, MAB President


We know all too well how the pandemic has damaged the economy of Michigan and the entire broadcasting industry.  Getting the state economy back on track is paramount to all of us.  

                                          We need your help to improve the Michigan Economy.

The path to recovery is through immunization. To reach herd immunity, we need 70%-85% of the Michigan population to get immunized.  This requires convincing those who are reluctant to get vaccinated.  These people are on-the-fence about getting vaccinated.  They have questions that have not been answered by people they trust. TRUST is a big issue. Surveys show that the public trusts their local broadcasters.  That is why we as the broadcasting industry can help the state reach this goal and why I am writing you today.

WDIV-WJBK-WXYZ Detroit are jointly producing a half hour :30 program entitled “Vaccine Town Hall: Answering your Questions”.  They will make this program available for the entire state to air. The Town Hall will be pre-recorded and offer a localization break that you may cover with your own talent or local experts.  Details below:

What:  Statewide Vaccine Town Hall 28:30 in length and may be localized in a 2 minute break mid-program. The program is closed captioned and will be fed to stations including promos early next week.

When:  Distributed to Members for airing  (May 27-June 23).   Air it any time and as many times as you can throughout the available window. The program is NOT a road block.

How: There will be a 1 minute open with the hosts on behalf of all the stations across the state. During the 2 minute mid-program break you may cover with local anchors and experts. If you do not want to cover locally the original break will be filled with PSA messages on vaccinations. You may air it in any time slot you have available & as often as you like during the program window.

·  The program will be hosted by Detroit daily news stations: Devin Scillian - WDIV, Huel Perkins - WJBK and Carolyn Clifford - WXYZ

·  Local citizens will submit questions to the three stations in advance and a panel of doctors from the largest hospitals in Michigan will answer them. The panel includes: Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, Medical Director MDHHS, Dr. Rudolph Valentini- DMC Children’s Hospital Chief Medical Officer and Dr. Adam Lauring- an epidemiologist and RNA researcher from the University of Michigan.

· The program will conclude with brief messages of encouragement from the Big 4 Sports Teams and the Governor.

Radio and TV stations may stream the program as often as they choose throughout the following weeks. Program delivery details will be sent later in the week.
Please join this statewide effort. Show lawmakers what Michigan Broadcasters can do in the fight to reach herd immunity. Please complete the attached form and return to