Your responses help support our screening events in your community. We share your feedback with our filmmakers, our colleagues and funders so we can continue to improve the quality of events in your community. Please note: You are not required to complete this evaluation, please only answer questions you feel comfortable answering.

* 1. Where did the event/screening take place?

* 2. Before this event, were you familiar with:

  Yes No
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting's American Graduate Initiative
American Promise
Brooklyn Castle
PBS's POV series
Your local station's Community Engagement and Educational Initiatives

* 3. Before seeing this film (and/or clips), were you aware of the issues presented?

* 4. How valuable did you find the discussion?

* 5. Because of the conversation, are you considering trying or doing something different to impact youth?

* 6. Did your awareness of the issues related to youth dropping out of school change?

* 7. Did you discover new solutions?

* 8. Did you learn more about the issues that impact youth staying in school?

* 9. If you answered yes to any of the above, please expand:

* 10. Which POV program did you see?