Hello and welcome to the sign up for MILK Racings first F1 Season! Before you sign up we want to run you through all of our rules first. Make sure you read them thoroughly so everything flows fluently while the league is underway! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to message one of our admins.

The following paragraphs will cover examples of what you could be removed for; assist restrictions; game settings and the race calendar. Read through fully so you understand what is happening in the league.

This is what we do not want you to do in our league. If you are punished, you will always be told why. If you do not agree with the punishment or penalty, please give evidence for this. Race Penalties are always discussed heavily by admins and stewards so please do not complain about fair penalties.

This is what you could do during a race to result in punishment:
Unsafe safety car restart. Always make sure if you are leading the pack, you keep a consistent pace (no sudden braking or accelerating) of above 50mph. This will result in a dangerous driving penalty as you risk crashes behind you.
Dangerous Driving. Moving under braking; suddenly closing the door; weaving on the straights and incredibly dangerous dive-bombs are all prime examples of dangerous driving. If you frequently do these, you can end up banned from the league
Formation Lap. During the formation lap, you are expected to maintain position. If you keep taking the formation lap like a proper race start and overtaking cars, you can end up with a race ban.

Prejudice. Anything discriminatory including: racism, sexism, homophobia etc. are NOT tolerated in this league any form of bullying or blatant discrimination will result in a permanent ban.
Immatureness. This includes arguing with other drivers instead of reporting it to an admin, arguing with admins because of penalties etc. These will not be tolerated and will result in a chat ban.
Self - Promotion. Our discord server has a place for you to promote your leagues, so please do NOT promote your leagues in any of our race chats. Thank you.
Sensitive Topics. We have a channel on discord for you to discuss serious topics. Please do it there and not on our race chats. Offending this will result in a chat ban.