Where did you buy your grapes?

It takes millions and millions of tons of food to feed a city the size of LA. Where does it all come from? For Foodprint LA, the Foodprint Project has teamed up with the Los Angeles Food Policy Council (convened by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa with the goal of creating a sustainable and equitable regional food system for Los Angeles) and Kullect (a new app that makes it easy and fun to organize and participate in mobile data collections), to learn more about what food Angelenos are buying, where, and what differences might exist across neighborhoods.

For more information, visit foodprintproject.com

We'd also be grateful if you'd provide some basic demographic information. This is a one-time only request, it's totally optional and it will never be associated with you and your email address, so if you don't mind sharing, it will help us relate the data we collect to the larger demographic of Los Angeles. Here's the form: http://bit.ly/jvSOzG
If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, please visit www.kullect.com/foodprint to register and participate that way.

* 1. I don't usually buy/eat grapes

* 2. What brand are your grapes?

* 3. Where did you get your grapes?

* 4. Please enter the street address or intersection of the place where you bought your grapes.

* 5. How many grapes did you buy? (total in lbs)

* 6. How much was the total cost of your grapes?

* 7. If you paid using public benefits, what kind did you use?

* 8. Describe your grapes (check as many as apply).